Dottoro Theme is being discontinued.
There will not be a direct replacement for Dottoro Theme services within Dottoro's product portfolio.
It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.
We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you and your organization.
We want to thank for your loyalty and support, and we are very grateful in having you as our customer. We hope you will find the right replacement solution during your time of transition.
Dottoro team

Packed with Features

They make themes better

Features Overview

Our goal was not only to develop a theme that utilizes all the features of WordPress but to provide a service that enables any common user to easily create a modern and attractive website. Thanks to its powerful set of tools, the Dottoro Theme provides a highly flexible environment that lets you create a wide range of websites from simple blogs to fully-fledged business solutions. With the help of the Theme Editor, you can easily customize the look of even the tiniest component of your website without having to bother with codes and web programming. You can save your designs and activate them with a few clicks anytime; thus you can change the look of your website as often as you need.

Visual Editing

theme editor
Dottoro Theme Editor is an online WordPress theme design automation product with a point & click interface that lets you build fantastic looking, unique web sites and blog themes without having to bother with any code or web programming. Once you have installed your theme to WordPress, you can open the Editor from your theme's admin panel. This feature enables you to see the changes you apply to your theme in real time. The smooth interface of editor gives you total creative freedom so you can focus on the design. You can select from several theme and menu skins, you can change backgrounds, fonts, colors, borders and layouts and so on. You can save your designs and activate them with a few clicks anytime; thus you can change the look of your website as often as you need.

Custom post types

news and portfolio
WordPress has introduced post types, so one could display on his pages different types of content separated from each other. To take full advantage of this feature, along with the main type - Post - Dottoro Theme provides two further post types: Portfolio and News. To help you display your tag and category pages separated for all three post types, tags and categories are also made post type dependent. You can assign a different permalink structure to every post type, making the types which your contents belong to visible in the URLs of your website. Some of the widgets also support post types; e.g. for the Recent Posts widget you can set the desired post type, but you can also set it to post type independent mode.

Custom widget areas

any layout
You can add as many custom widget areas to your theme as you want. You can edit the layout of your widgets in a widget area with an easy to use wizard. You can set different areas on the sidebars and footers of every one of your pages. The [widget_area] shortcode will enable you to place widget areas on the subheader and the content as well.

Custom subheaders

use your own
Custom subheaders make your website more attractive to visitors. You can have different content in the subheaders on every page of your site. Dottoro Theme provides a couple of useful ready-made templates but you can always create your own custom subheaders. The contents of the subheaders can be edited the same way as the contents of your pages and posts.


unique and extremely flexible
Dottoro Theme provides a totally unique and extremely flexible way for creating slideshows. You can choose from two basic slider types: single and scroller (carousel), and with the help of the Dottoro template system you can specify what and where you want to display. You can place the navigation buttons below, next to, or above the slides, the play/pause button over the slides, etc. The template system gives you full control not just over the main components of a slider, but also over the look and feel of the slides. Images, videos, pages and posts and any custom HTML content can be displayed in slideshows and with the help of post templates you can specify what data and where you want to display. Image titles and descriptions, post thumbnails, titles, excerpts, categories and tags, authors, custom fields can all be displayed.
multiple galleries for posts and pages
In the Dottoro theme, you can create multiple galleries for every page and post and global galleries are also supported. Every gallery can contain images, videos (uploaded via the WordPress media dialog), pages and posts, any type of external media (such as YouTube and Vimeo videos) and custom HTML content. Galleries can be displayed as a (static) list in the content, as a slideshow and they can also be shown in popup windows (lightbox slideshow). Additionally, it is also possible to query for posts and display them in a list or slideshow. For instance, you can display the latest 5 blog posts in a slideshow. Thanks to the extremely flexible template system of the theme, you have full control over the look and feel of the listings and slideshows.

Web Fonts support

custom and google fonts
To fulfill the current needs, Dottoro Theme fully supports generic and custom fonts as well. Along with web-safe fonts you can add to your theme any of the fonts of the Google Web Fonts library or your own custom font families. Custom fonts can be uploaded via the theme admin page and can then be applied in the Theme Editor.

Animated Menu support

popup menus
One of the most important part of a website is the navigation. With this in view the Dottoro Theme provides a highly customizable menu that sufficients all of the needs. Some properties of the theme's menu can be customized in the Theme Editor, while others in your theme admin panel. The Theme Editor contains pre-defined menu skins that you can further customize according to your needs. On your theme admin panel you can also choose from various visual effects to enhance the appearance of your submenus.


fit any screen size
Internet use via mobile devices and cell phones is growing every day. The goal of responsive design is to present content in a way that best suits the device the visitor is using. Technically it means flexible layout, flexible images, CSS media queries and some JavaScript. For instance, you could specify styles that take effect only when the browser window is narrower than a certain width.

Popup Windows

any content
Dottoro Theme provides a flexible environment for creating and displaying popup windows. The contents of popups can be edited the same way as the contents of pages and posts, and you can also use shortcodes in them. You can set whether a popup window should be modal or modeless, draggable or not and much more. In addition, the look of popup windows can be customized in the Theme Editor.

More tag support

truncate content
In the Dottoro Theme, you can select from three types of previews to be displayed on the list pages for all content types - blog, news and portfolio. The previews can contain the whole post, a teaser, an excerpt or just the title of the posts. Teasers can be created with the help of More tag. The advantage of teasers is that you don't have to create excerpts to all of your posts separately. All you have to do is set the ending point of the teaser in your posts.

Excerpt length in characters

precise length
Because of the differences in the length of words in natural languages, in most cases it can be very useful to chunk texts by character number not by word boundaries. This way you will have better control over the length of excerpts in widgets and pages. Defining excerpt lengths in characters will also improve the look and readability of your website.
Breadcrumbs can be displayed on every page; it provides links to parent pages. Breadcrumbs help search engines crawl your pages and easily understand your hierarchy. Also, your breadcrumb will be added to the bottom of your Google SERP listing entry and your visitor surfs better.

Ghost Page support

unclickable menu items
There are cases when we need unclickable menu items that have submenus. Similar to this, you may need unclickable items in the page hierarchy displayed by breadcrumbs. Ghost pages provide a solution to this issue. With them, you can create pages invisible to the visitors that you can use to create menu items and that can also be set as parents of pages.

WP-autop and WP-texturizer

auto formatting
The WP-autop and WP-texturizer functions automatically format your contents in WordPress. They are usually useful, but in some cases they should be disabled to avoid unnecessary spacing and invalid HTML. These functions can easily be enabled and disabled in the theme.


all platforms
Dottoro Theme has been tested on different versions of the most widely used browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). Dottoro grants that the themes will work on every of the browsers mentioned and that they will work similarly.

Valid HTML5

keep standards
Dottoro Theme is valid HTML5 and XHTML. The theme is made compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

SEO friendly code

search engine optimized
The theme is created and developed with the upmost care and precision according to the Search Engine Optimization Guide issued by Google. Search engine optimization is also granted by the high expertise of our developers and programmers in the field.