Dottoro Theme is being discontinued.
There will not be a direct replacement for Dottoro Theme services within Dottoro's product portfolio.
It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.
We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you and your organization.
We want to thank for your loyalty and support, and we are very grateful in having you as our customer. We hope you will find the right replacement solution during your time of transition.
Dottoro team

Packed with Features

They make themes better

Post type support

WordPress 3 has introduced post types, so one could display on their pages different types of content separated from each other. To take full advantage of this feature, along with the main type - Post - Dottoro Theme provides two further post types: Portfolio and News. The theme offers full post type support affecting posts, tags, categories, widgets and permalink settings as well. With the post type dependent permalink structures, you can totally separate your blog, news and portfolio posts and also the tag, category and date pages. Widgets displaying post lists also support post type selection.

Custom post types

The post types introduced in WordPress 3 give you a unique option to display different kinds of contents separately. To take full advantage of this feature, Dottoro designed to post types: news and portfolio. These two extra post types are mostly useful for business websites where different kinds of contents need to be displayed but they are also useful for simple blog, news and portfolio websites.
Similarly to the WordPress permalink settings, you can set custom permalink settings to all three Dottoro post types. This will enable you to have different URLs for different post types, e.g. for your blog, for your news and for your portfolio contents. This is comfortable for your visitors and is optimal for search engines as well. With the use of the Permalink settings you can set post type dependent URLs for your tag and category pages as well.

Additional settings

The theme provides a number of extra setting options for the standard blog post type. You can customize the size and alignment of thumbnails displayed on the blog list pages, the properties of previews (whether theys hould contain the whole text, a teaser on en excerpt), the meta information you wish to display and so on. The theme provides custom options not only for the list pages but for the posts themselves as well - you can customize thumbnails and widgets published in your posts, you can add galleries to every post that your visitors can view in an attractive image viewer application. These same options apply to news and portfolio post types as well.

Separated terms

Tags and categories are post type dependent in the Dottoro Theme, thus tag and category pages are separated for all post types. The URLs for all post types are full customizable - you can set different URLs for every tag and category page of every post type. The other great advantage of post type dependency is that you can assign the same tags and categories to different post types. Also, in the Dottoro Theme you can specify posts of which categories should be displayed on a page. This is ideal if you wish to create more than one blog, news or portfolio page that will display items of certain categories.

Post type supplementation

Great emphasis has been put while designing the theme that users have the biggest freedom possible. That is why we introduced news and portfolio post types. The standard WordPress widgets have also been extended to support the two new post types. In most of the widgets you can choose according to which post type to display them but you can also set them to 'auto' mode or simply make them post type independent. For instance, you can set whether the Recent Posts widget should display blog, news or portfolio posts, or posts from any post type. Additionally, you can select the 'auto' mode that displays post from the post type of the current page.


In the Dottoro Theme you can use both post type dependent and post type independent RSS feeds. Post type-independent RSS feeds contain posts from all three kinds of post types, while post type dependent feeds contain only posts from a certain post type. You can decide for every post type what RSS subscription options you would like to grant your visitors.

News Recommendation

Only the news post type provides this extra feature. This option allows you to mark a news item as recommended, so the item is displayed as headline news on news list pages. Thus you can highlight the news deemed important by you to your visitors.

Portfolio External URL

Only the portfolio post type supports this feature. Since portfolio items often come from images hosted on other domains, you may need a link to the original URL. The Portfolio External URL feature provides you this option.