Dottoro Theme is being discontinued.
There will not be a direct replacement for Dottoro Theme services within Dottoro's product portfolio.
It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.
We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you and your organization.
We want to thank for your loyalty and support, and we are very grateful in having you as our customer. We hope you will find the right replacement solution during your time of transition.
Dottoro team

Packed with Features

They make themes better


Shortcodes are one of the most powerful tools of WordPress. Dottoro Theme supports over 100 shortcodes that enable you to place a high variety of components (buttons, tables, tabs, tooltips, etc.), widget areas, widgets, slideshows, media galleries, videos and other content on your pages. You can also apply skins to the majority of the shortcodes. This feature enables you to customize the appearance of the displayed elements without bothering with codes and web programming.

The main advantage of shortcodes is the flexibility. Most of the shortcodes provide a number of attributes that allow you to cutomize the way the shortcode works. If a shortcode gets an unknown attribute, it will be assigned to the top level HTML element of the content created by the shortcode. Thus you can add HTML attributes, events and style properties to the contents displayed by a shortcode.

The following list contains only a couple of the supported shortcodes. You will find the complete list here: shortcodes.


With this shortcode you can add buttons to your website that will go well with the appearance of your pages. Simply add a skin, a size and an URL to which the button should direct and your button is ready to be clicked.


The Dottoro Theme features a neat, easily customizable tooltip as well to help you display hovering contents on your pages. You can define its type, background, alignment and the radius of the curve of the rounded corners.

Column Layouts

There are cases when it proves difficult to arrange the contents in columns. The Column Layouts shortcodes will help you with this.


Often it is better to display data in a form of a table. You can do this easily with the [table] shortcode.

Tabbed content

The best way to display huge amount of contents on a page is using tabs. Their use saves space and helps you focus your visitors to relevant contents.

Toggled content

Displaying remarks and details on your pages often make the website unreadable and averts the readers attention from relevant contents. To avoid this, you can create foldable contents with the [toggle] shortcode.

Post Lists

The post list shortcodes allow you to display a list of blog, news or portfolio posts in a multi-column layout. You can specify the number of posts to show, the number of layout columns, the sort order, the excerpt length, and much more. Thanks to the post template system of the theme, you have full control over the look and feel of every item in the post list. You can specify what post data and where you want to display. Post thumbnails, titles, excerpts, categories and tags, authors, custom fields can all be displayed. And to make post lists more flexible, you can use selectors within post lists. Selectors allow you to target posts according to their attributes, such as post type, post format, categories and tags. For instance, you can select different post templates for posts from different categories or for posts according to their author and so on.


Dottoro Theme provides a totally unique and extremely flexible way for creating slideshows. You can choose from two basic slider types: single and scroller (carousel), and with the help of the Dottoro template system you can specify what and where you want to display. You can place the navigation buttons below, next to, or above the slides, the play/pause button over the slides, etc. The template system gives you full control not just over the main components of a slider, but also over the look and feel of the slides. Images, videos, pages and posts and any custom HTML content can be displayed in slideshows and with the help of post templates you can specify what data and where you want to display. If you want to display a slideshow on a page, you don't need to do anything else just add a slideshow shortcode to your page and specify the name of the slideshow and the gallery you want to display.

Video and flash embedding

Because of the differences between browsers, displaying videos and other media content in HTML pages is rather difficult. The [video] shortcode is designed to help you overcome the issue. With the use of this shortcode, you can display videos uploaded to your theme but also YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Widget Areas

Widget areas allow you to display widgets in different layouts in the header, subheader, sidebar, footer and the content on your pages. The theme comes with a number of predefined widget areas that have been designed to meet the most common needs. Additionally, you can also create custom widget areas.
The easiest way to display a widget area in the content of your pages is to use the widget_area shortcode.


Common elements of documents are lists. You can create attractive lists with the [list] shortcode and choosing any of its 20 list icons in a large variety of colors.


With the use of initials you can nicely divide paragraphs. You can choose from a number of dropcaps available in different colors.


If you only wish to highlight a part of a sentence, use the [highlight] shortcode. You can set the colors of the background and the text of the highlighted part.
You may often need to display external and internal links on your pages. With the [link] shortcode you can publish various types of links, such as email, download, arrow, phone, name and address to your pages.

Message Boxes

There are a number of various box types in the Dottoro Theme. You can use notice, warning, download message and info boxes as well.

Simple box and box bar

Boxes enable you to focus the visitors' attention to a desired element of the content and to separate various contents from each other. The appearance of the boxes is fully customizable: you can choose from skins and you can style them. This way you can create your own box designs in addition to the ready-made designs in no time.

Admin Notes

If a page is administered by more than one editor it can be useful that some information be visible to only those who have admin rights. Such content can be published with the [admin_note] shortcode.


This shortcode makes creating a Frequently Asked Questions block very easy, so you can publish the most important questions and replies on more of your pages.