Dottoro Theme is being discontinued.
There will not be a direct replacement for Dottoro Theme services within Dottoro's product portfolio.
It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.
We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news to you and your organization.
We want to thank for your loyalty and support, and we are very grateful in having you as our customer. We hope you will find the right replacement solution during your time of transition.
Dottoro team

Dottoro Theme and Visual Editor
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We offer the most feature rich WordPress theme on the market
that lets you create a wide range of websites from simple blogs
to fully-fledged business solutions.

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Theme Framework & Visual Editor
Latest Theme Version: 1.44
Released: Dec 12, 2016
Requires: WP 4.0+

See how Theme Editor gives wings to your creativity

Our visual editor allows you to easily design your site in real time.
Just choose a pre-made turnkey design and customize it to the smallest detail.

Feature Demo Sites

Check out our feature demo sites. You will experience
the flexibility the theme provides.

Fit any screen size

Dottoro makes it easy to adapt your site to any screen size,
no matter what browser your visitors are using.

Extreme Flexibility

The more than 800 theme options allow you to create any kind of website
and dramatically reduce the development time.

High Quality Support and Automatic Updates

Our service does not end with the transaction.

We make every effort to provide the best technical support possible.
Most questions are answered within a few hours.
Our highly trained support team will help you find
solutions to all your technical issues.
You don't need to worry about new WordPress versions.
Dottoro theme is constantly developed and maintained. Moreover, our theme updater plugin notifies you about the available theme updates
and make the update process as simple as possible.

All the features you need in one place

Fully customizable list pages, custom post types, custom galleries and slideshows, popups and overlays
and these are only a few of the many features provided by the Dottoro theme.

Visual Editing

theme editor
In most cases themes look nice in the demos but when you use them on your own website with your own content, they fail to meet your expectations. Changing the look and feel of your site is a nightmare and dramatically increases the development time. Dottoro Theme and its online Theme Editor provide a handy solution for these issues. After having your theme uploaded to WordPress, you will be able to access the Editor through your theme's admin panel. Thus you get a chance to modify the appearance of your pages while getting a real time preview with your actual website content.

Custom Post Types

news and portfolio
Additionally to the Blog post type, the Dottoro Theme supports two further post types, News and Portfolio. These three post types allow you to completely separate different types of content from each other. Tags and categories are post type dependent and you can assign a different permalink structure to every post type, making the types which your contents belong to visible in the URLs of your website. Widgets also support post type selection; e.g. for the Recent Posts widget you can set the desired post type, but you can also set it to post type independent mode.

Custom Widget Areas

any layout
Sidebars and footers are fully customizable in the theme. You can create as many custom widget areas as you want, edit the layout of widgets in them and attach different areas to the sidebars and footers on every page of your site. Additionally, shortcodes allow you to insert custom widget areas into the contents and subheaders of pages as well.

Custom Subheaders

use your own
Custom subheaders make your website more attractive to visitors. You can have different content in the subheaders on every page of your site. Dottoro Theme provides a couple of useful ready-made templates and you can also create custom ones. The contents of the subheaders can be edited the same way as the contents of your pages and posts.


unique and extremely flexible
Dottoro Theme provides a totally unique and extremely flexible way for creating slideshows. You can choose from two basic slider types: single and scroller (carousel), and with the help of the Dottoro template system you can specify what and where you want to display. You can place the navigation buttons below, next to, or above the slides, the play/pause button over the slides, etc. The template system gives you full control not just over the main components of a slider, but also over the look and feel of the slides. Images, videos, pages and posts and any custom HTML content can be displayed in slideshows and with the help of post templates you can specify what data and where you want to display. Image titles and descriptions, post thumbnails, titles, excerpts, categories and tags, authors, custom fields can all be displayed.


multiple galleries for posts and pages
In the Dottoro theme, you can create multiple galleries for every page and post and global galleries are also supported. Every gallery can contain images, videos (uploaded via the WordPress media dialog), pages and posts, any type of external medias (such as YouTube and Vimeo videos) and custom HTML content. Galleries can be displayed as a (static) list in the content, as a slideshow and they can also be shown in popup windows (lightbox slideshow). Additionally, it is also possible to query for posts and display them in a list or slideshow. For instance, you can display the latest 5 blog posts in a slideshow. Thanks to the extremely flexible template system of the theme, you have full control over the look and feel of the listings and slideshows.
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Custom Galleries
100+ Shortcodes
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Quality guarantee

We strive to always have the highest quality product
available to our clients. Cross browser functionality
and code quality gurantees by the creators of
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